Welcome to the Ledger Wallet API Client React documentation.

This library is exclusively designed to facilitate the seamless integration of decentralized applications (dApps), termed as Live Apps, within Ledger Live. It provides a streamlined way for Live Apps to communicate with Ledger hardware wallets via the Wallet API.

Whether you are developing a crypto asset management app, a decentralized exchange, or any other blockchain project, this library is equipped with a set of React hooks and utilities to ensure a secure and efficient user experience.


Migration from Platform SDK: If you are migrating from Platform SDK, please refer to this section that will guide you through the process.

Target Audience

This documentation and the Wallet API library are dedicated to developers building Live Apps that are intended to be embedded within Ledger Live. It ensures smooth communication between the Live App and the user's Ledger hardware wallet through Ledger Live (opens in a new tab).

We expect to widen the scope of the library in the future to support other use cases as well such as web apps connected to Ledger wallets though the Ledger Extension (opens in a new tab), but this is not yet supported.


The Wallet API Client React library empowers your Live App to:

  • Seamlessly Connect with Ledger Wallets: Establish a smooth connection to Ledger hardware wallets and access essential wallet information, via Ledger Live.

  • Efficiently Manage Blockchain Accounts: Handle multiple blockchain accounts effortlessly, including retrieving a list of accounts or requesting specific accounts from the user.

  • Securely Sign Messages: Utilize the user's private key to sign arbitrary messages which can be employed for user authentication, address verification, and other purposes.

  • Support an Array of Cryptocurrencies: The library boasts support for a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and more.

  • Ensure Type Safety: Incorporate TypeScript types to bolster the development process, making it more robust and error-resistant.

Navigating the Documentation

This documentation is structured to provide you with a clear understanding of the various features and utilities available in the Ledger Wallet API Client React library.

  • Getting Started: If you're new to this library, begin with the Getting Started section. It guides you through the installation process.

  • Configuration: The Configuration section contains information on how to plug your application to Ledger Live.

  • Hooks and Utilities: Learn about the various hooks like useAccounts, useRequestAccount, useSignMessage, and more, as well as utilities for transaction management in dedicated sections. Each section includes explanations, parameters, and use cases.

  • Migration Guide: If you are migrating from the Platform SDK (version 1 of this library) to the Wallet API (version 2 and current), refer to the Migration Guide for a guided transition.

  • Families: For a comprehensive list of supported blockchains, visit the Families section. Each blockchain is detailed with its features and capabilities within the library.

We're thrilled to have you on board and excited to see the innovative Live Apps you build.