Submission guidelines

Live Apps submission guidelines

All Live Apps need to go through a validation process by our Live App Review Team.



We reserve the right to perform KYB (including regulatory compliance review) and may reject your submission based on such KYB.


To avoid slowing down the review process or get a rejection, follow the steps below. While this list is not a substitute for the guidelines and does not guarantee approval, ensuring that you can check off every item is a good first step.

Make sure that:

  • The app supports:
    • 0-click connect to the wallet
    • Clear Signing on hardware
    • Analytics so we can monitor product performance
  • In case of DApps on EVM chains, you have created a Dune Dashboard to monitor the performance of your DApp when used in Ledger Live, as it is a requirement to be listed in the search bar
  • The app leverages the Wallet API
  • All the app information and metadata is complete and accurate
  • You test your app for crashes and bugs
  • The app forbids logging through other wallets
  • You update your contact information in case our Live App Review and Editorial teams need to reach you
  • You accept our General T&Cs (opens in a new tab), and Specific T&Cs when applicable


Please note that if, in the future, your Live App is no longer working as intended or active support is no longer provided, it will be removed from the search bar and the Discover sections.